Authorities attempt to find dangerous dog in Dryden

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April 11, 2014

(Dryden, WA) On Friday, April 11, 2014 at approximately 1:00 A.M., Rivercom received a call from a Dryden resident in the 8000 block of Stine Hill Road reporting her farm animals were being killed by two dogs.  Deputies had responded earlier in the evening to the same residence after the home owner reported she returned home from work to find 15 chickens, 3 peacocks and 2 ducks had been killed within a fenced portion of her farm.  It was unknown at the time what type of animal killed her birds, but it was discovered the attacking animal or animals were able to push their way through the bottom of the wired enclosure to gain access to the birds.

The home owner advised she went outside and fired a shotgun into the air and one of the dogs ran toward her, chasing her back onto the porch and into her house.  This dog was described as being big and black, possibly a Shepherd style.  After she was safe inside, she said the dog went and laid down in front of her car next to the goat pen.  She said there was another dog inside her goat pen which jumped or climbed out and left.  This dog was described as possibly a Husky style of breed, being white or light brown with dark spots on it.  When she initially saw the dogs, the black one was running back and forth outside the goat pen, while the other dog was inside attacking the goats.

Chelan County Deputy Lee Risdon arrived on scene, having been there earlier in the evening for the initial call, and observed the black dog lying next to the car and goat pen.  As he approached the dog, it got up and started quickly moving toward him.  Knowing the dog already ran toward the homeowner in an apparent attempt to attack her, he fired one round from his pistol at the dog.  The dog immediately ran away from Deputy Risdon and to the opposite side of the fence and laid down.  Other Deputies arriving in the area spotted a dog matching the Husky running from the vicinity of the incident, but they were unable to follow it.  Animal Control was dispatched and responded a short time later. Prior to their arrival, the black dog got up and began walking away from the goat fence.  Deputy Risdon attempted to follow the dog for about ¼ mile as it went toward Pine Flats Loop, but lost sight of the dog shortly after.  It is unknown if this dog was shot or not.  Deputies attempted to locate the dogs for nearly 2 hours, but were unsuccessful.  Neither dog was seen wearing a collar.  At least one goat was killed by the dogs and several others were injured.  It is unknown if these same dogs were responsible for the earlier killing of the birds, but it is probable.

Animal Control is assisting in the investigation.  It is extremely important we find these dogs before they attack any more animals or worse, people.  Anyone with information about these two dogs or who may own them is encouraged to call Rivercom at 663-9911.