City of Quincy, Washington Spotlighted on Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw
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Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw travels across the country to find and share the some of most exciting places to visit. The show visits the best small cities and towns in the US and Canada and finds what makes them great places to live work and play and maybe even relocate a business there. Often nestled in between larger cities, these smaller communities are a boon to families. They are safer, have good schools and provide them with a stronger sense of community than a bigger city. The "Discover America" series boosts economic development and tourism bureau activities. Find out what makes this Washington state beauty worthy of its own segment. Watch for yourself and then tell us what you think on our Facebook page. Terry Bradshaw is one of the most recognizable sports celebrities in the nation. The former Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame quarterback has been on television since he graduated from Louisiana Tech University. He is no stranger to the compliments and criticisms that come from being a sports personality. Terry has worked as commentator, analyst and is now the spontaneously funny co-host of an Emmy-winning pregame show. Today in America TV is a proud leader in educational and informative program production. The engaging show films throughout the United States and Canada, and airs on cable television networks in regional and national media markets. The show's producers travel from coast to coast and into Canada to bring back the unique, innovative and compelling stories for the audience. More information is available at Visit the website for Quincy, Washington here: